Interview with Alessandra Rinaudo (Pronovias)

Alessandra Rinaudo, the new artistic director at Pronovias, grew up in the outskirts of Milan and harbours a lifetime of passion for luxury and bridal design. In their collection Atelier Pronovias Cruise 2021 she has created true works of art, successfully reaching the most avant-garde and glamorous range of bridal haute couture masterpieces.

Could explain the essence of each collection and what has inspired them?

The four collections presented by Pronovias Group are inspired by the première of the most iconic films in the world. When choosing the perfect look – the perfect dress, we want women to feel supremely confident, glamorous, and beautiful. Each dress is truly special, with exclusive details, there is no dress that could be uncomfortable even if it is simple, because every detail is designed to make the dress unique and dazzling. And because we know that brides dream of, we want their wedding day to be the most important of their lives. It is the same as première day for the actress.

Has the current situation influenced your creativity?

For me, the dream of manifesting love in life has not changed. Of course, what has changed is the way a wedding is celebrated, but we are seeing that brides divide these important dates in two parts: the ceremony now, or at least soon, with fewer people and later on a beautiful celebration. They do not want to change the way they dress, they still wish for a beautiful dress so that make me very happy, because we are focussed on what they dream about and on what they need.

The inspiration for the collection of House of Sant Patrick is inspired by Audrey Hepburn, on her elegance and modernity. You can find exceptionally beautiful clean-cut dresses, and for other occasions very ornate ones, but with a current interpretation of timeless taste.

Nicole is our brand that interprets the Italian wedding dress. Artistic director Nicole Cavallho draws inspiration from Italian artists, in their home cities, as if it were a tour around the country, interpreting the taste of Italian brides and bringing this femininity and romanticism to the rest of the world. It is a collection in which Italian creativity has brought a lot of colour with dresses richly adorned with lace and rhinestones.

What do you think about the transformation of Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week into a digital experience?

It is an opportunity to find a new way of working. What I see here is a high level of know-how and people’s creativity is changing and we are finding new ways of doing these magnificent shows, so that to me seems like a fantastic transformation.

Do you think that this great digital platform that allows everyone to see your collections will benefit bridal fashion?

Brides can still go to shops, but this new way to show dresses on social media, with virtual appointments can help us to introduce them to the world of our designs and allow them to choose those models they like the most and to have a clearer idea of what exactly they want when they later go to the store. I think it will help a lot in their selection process.

What do you think about the fact that, as well as the professionals, brides can also witness the show thanks to this new digital experience?

I think the bridal industry is one of the strongest in the world of fashion. According to the data we have, people keep dreaming about their own personal project. This is not changing. Change is coming to the type of ceremony, for example outdoors or on the beach, but this leads us to create new varied and different looks, beyond the classic models. We are increasing the number of models in terms of design and this is very good for us.

Tell us about the launch of We Do Eco.

Finally, we have something very new, a collection that represents Pronovias’ commitment to creating increasingly sustainable dresses. This means that we are committed to introducing an ecological dimension into the dresses of our collections. And you can see this commitment in this show across our different brands: Atelier Pronovias, White One, Nicole and ST Patrick. This is the commitment of the ECO PRONOVIAS GROUP.

We have dresses that are completely kilometre 0, from the design right up to the zip, made in Spain or Italy. On the other hand, eco-friendly dresses, like those of White One, give the bride the possibility of having them completely eco-friendly. It is an especially important presentation since it represents the commitment of the entire group to an increasingly sustainable model of bridal fashion and to a better world.