Interview with Antonio Vázquez (Higar Novias Group)

The GRUPO HIGARNOVIAS was founded in 1980 as a family business in the Andalusian town of Fuente Palmera near Cordoba. Two years later, he began to manufacture his own designs of wedding and party dresses. At first, they were only marketed in their Fuente Palmera shop, but the growth of the business led the group to create its own commercial network in Spain in just a few years.
Antonio Vázquez, Creative Director of Valerio Luna Ceremonia and Manu García Costura of the Higar Novias Group.

Has the current situation influenced your creativity? Is it a different collection?

It is a very significant collection for us as it is our 40th anniversary, so we have put a lot of love and enthusiasm into it trying to reflect the sophistication, enthusiasm and hard work of these years. We have not been influenced by the current situation.

What do you think of the transformation of Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week into a digital experience?

I think it is a very innovative idea adapted to the current situation that we are living through. A new platform that will remain so we can reach our public, both professionals and the end customer.

Do you think that this digital platform that allows everyone to see your collections will benefit bridal fashion?

Of course, it is a benefit. It is important that through this platform our designs can be seen anywhere in the world. The VBBFW is an event that is followed by the best bridal shops and being able to reach them benefits the sector.

What do you think about the fact that, as well as professionals, brides can now also witness the show thanks to this new digital experience?

It’s great, because the designs are created for them. Now they can see and enjoy the moments of a fashion show with the dresses in motion and this is very positive.

How do you imagine the future of the bridal sector?

Adapting to these new changes, little by little, we are a sector that is in constant movement. Like our ateliers that are always innovating and creating to dress the unforgettable moments of each woman, neither must we ever lose that dream.