Lightness, brightness, a desire for change and optimism for the future. 

They encompass all the new trends that emerged from the collections presented at BBFW 2022, the international bridal trade fair.

This year, the event opened on a high note with a packed calendar of fashion shows and the presence of over 320 brands. International companies, press officers, designers, buyers from all over the world and names from the Haute Couture world contributed to the success of this edition, which ended with great enthusiasm and satisfaction on everyone’s part.

But let’s discover the real stars of the festival: the dresses. New and revisited trends mirror the emotions we went through during the four days of fashion shows.

The desire for levity is expressed in the elusiveness of georgette, chiffon and organza, in the openwork that lets in the light,

Andrea Lalanza, Jesús Peiró, Marco&Maria, Marylyse, Rembo Styling & Carta Branca, Pronovias. 

in the crop tops, or the volatility of vaporous tulle and satin crepe fluffs.

Carlo Pignatelli, Cymbeline, Isabel Sanchis, Lorena Panea, Yolancris
The glitter comes from rhinestone embroideries, gold brushstrokes, coloured sequins and small details in glitter or mother-of-pearl, which embellish the silhouettes with huge or attenuated volumes.

Julia Kontogruni, Katy Corso, Olga Macià, Vestal, Viktor & Rolf

The enthusiasm for a more vibrant life can be found in the variety of removable pieces such as sleeves, overskirts, collars and high belts,

Higar Novias, Marchesa for Pronovias, Nicole Milano, Poesie Sposa
or in minidresses, plunging necklines, cut-outs and revealed backs.

Agnieszka Swiatly, Demetrios, Isabel Sanchis, Manila Novias, Mireia Balaguer, More, Olga Macià, Peter Langner

Also taking the limelight on the catwalks are the cloaks used as duster coats or spectacular overcoats

Agnieszka Swiatly, Jesús Peiró, Simone Marulli, Sophie et Voilà, Viktor & Rolf

and the echoes: classical, Watteau-style, square or separate.

Manila Novias, Modeca, Nicolás Montenegro
There is a comeback by the veil: long, short, net-like, which becomes a scarf to frame the face or is covered with small light spots.

Lorena Panea, Marylyse, Rembo Styling & Carta Branca, Simone Marulli, Sophie et Voilà
In the future project of a sustainable world, there is a different glimpse of nature that gives each outfit a narrative texture. There are references to gardens with 3D corollas blooming on bodices and on transparent sections tulle, or to the seabed, with meticulously woven seaweed covering figures that appear like mermaids.

Atelier Pronovias, Cymbeline, Marco&Maria, Moncho Heredia, Vestal, Yolancris

Everything is about rebirth, light and joy. The collections are a tribute to life and to the feminine universe.

In addition to sustainability, the 2022 edition places an emphasis on values such as inclusion, solidarity and innovation, with a view to evolving bridal fashion, the market and consumers themselves to meet future challenges with creativity and renewed passion.

Article written by @elisanascimbene.