Interview with Merche Segarra (Jesus Peiro)

Merche Segarra has led the creative direction of Jesus Peiro for 17 years, where she manufactures wedding dresses which are 100% made in Spain from a workshop that preserves all the artisan processes typical of bridal clothing, with the same demanding standards as a classic maison de couture.

Can you explain the collection and what has been inspired it?

The collection is called “Amalia” and it is inspired by what I think is a woman of today that is linked to a timeless elegance. Uniting modern and classic, which is the DNA of the firm. She is a very magical, eco-sensitive woman, who shops locally, who is friendly; an aesthetically calm, happy woman who allows her surroundings influence her and imprint her way of being. She can wear the dresses with a natural ease and balance. In fact , we have used the styling of our show so it seems as if the elements emerge out of it: with a nude colour , there brightness, a feeling of immense happiness, of wonderful tranquillity, of great balance. It is this woman that we are imagining when reading these lines: fresh, dynamic but very aware of her surroundings.

Has the current situation influenced your creativity and the way you work?

Yes, because the whole issue of sustainability, ecology, and an awareness of the situation ultimately influences this “Amalia” who is also very poetic, because she assumes what is happening but manages to transform it into something beautiful.

Do you think that this great digital platform, that allows everyone to see the designs, will benefit bridal fashion?

It may be a handicap, but as with any handicap it will have to develop creative elements and be decisive. Adaptability is always beneficial. It is a new situation in which complicity, collaboration and being able to get ahead in uncomfortable situations will offer new opportunities that nurture future collections. And above all the awareness of the positive conclusions that we draw from this situation. The negatives must be overcome and discarded.

What is your opinion that in addition to the professionals, brides can now also see the fashion shows and collections?

I think it is fantastic; after all they are the real protagonists. They are brave brides, dreamers, and I suppose that like our “Amalia”, that they will push ahead with their project by finding strength in adversity.

How do you envision the future for bridal fashion?

I imagine it hand in hand with the future of fashion. Fashion always changes, always evolves, and is always different. Fashion must be seen now as beautiful and later as ugly because “it has gone out of style.” I think bridal fashion has a more classic look because it is somewhat iconic despite evolving with new brides. I believe that it is essential because it is unstopping and that is where what you bring again to each new season.