Interview with Yolanda Pérez (Yolancris)

Can you explain a little about the collection and what inspired it?

The collection is a binominal of two styles that we have wanted to highlight. We have worked on a bride that is more classically sewn, with a more purist pattern, it is for a bride who wants a somewhat larger celebration, which we hope can once again be celebrated. And then there is our new proposal which we call New Generation. This is more resilient because it is more sought after and rewarded today. I think that the brides will have smaller, more modern, more casual weddings. We are living through this moment of change and see it as a possibility of doing business. I think that this time will go hand in hand with a change of style that I have wanted to see happen for many years now; that people could come to understand a change of style. As for the pandemic it has helped me in this respect, so in that sense I am happy.

How has the pandemic influenced your creativity? Has it influenced you in any way?

Yes, I think I have taken on board that styles are going to change because it is not the same to celebrate a small wedding with fewer people as it is a large one with all the flowers and so on. So, for me it is more modern. For me, a serious wedding of two people, that would really be a wedding.

What do you think about the transformation of the valmont barcelona bridal fashion week into a digital experience?

I am super happy because I think it has all the advantages in the world. For me the other format that is entirely physical has the advantage of seeing the public, but I think this format is an open door and an opportunity for us function as things are. Even if the pandemic goes away, this format is better in terms of costs and better in every other way because it is faster, and you skip many intermediate steps. Reaching the final audience in a faster way seems to me better for the future.

Do you think that this format will benefit bridal fashion as it will reach a wider public?

I think overall it benefits fashion, because everyone is going to have to rise to this. These new media are moving extremely fast, so you constantly need content in different ways and formats so it being open to the public seems to be the most sustainable possible option. A project that is worth a fortune, but which can be shared with the greatest number of people can becomes a sustainable project. That is how I see it.

What do you think about the fact that as well as professionals, brides can also see the collection?

It seems like a good thing to me because they are the main interested parties. It shows that the designer counts for having created a collection. And I think that brands are increasingly going to have to acquire that social character and brides can vote and can tell buyers what they like. This will calm buyers and I see it as incredibly positive. The downside is the illness that we have experienced which is terrible of course, but otherwise I see this as a key to everything.

How do you imagine the future of the bridal sector?

I see the bridal sector making changes. There will be a similar binomial that I used to make my collection: we shall continue to have classical weddings in those countries or for those people who want them and there will be weddings for people who are young that perhaps had not thought much about getting married; maybe because it seemed a little out of date. Also, a lot of people will get married later. That is how I see it myself – to get married simply at the notary’s office, but if I do, I shall not go as I am dressed right now. Because humans celebrate death and love in the same way – dressed for the occasion.

Do you think that this situation will end up affecting fashion, such as masks being incorporated into collections?

Well, an accessory like that, a mandatory accessory, it must be there. I have not included them but if anyone asks me for a mask, I’ll do it straight away. We will have to stay with this for a while, maybe a long while, we shall have to make the most of the situation.