Interview with Isabel Sanchis and Paula Maiques (Isabel Sanchis)

Born in Valencia, Isabel Sanchis presented her first collection in 1990 which specialised in ceremonial dresses and rapidly expanded across Spain. Some years ago, she began to expand internationally and is currently present in over 40 countries. For several years, Isabel Sanchis and her daughter Paula Maiques have shared the design work of the brand.

What has inspired your collection?

This new collection gathers the essence of the firm and shows the creative DNA of Isabel Sanchis in each piece. Elements such as flowers, feathers and handmade embroidery are present. For us, flowers convey emotion and feelings which it is crucial [to express] after the situation experienced in recent months.

Has the current situation influenced your creativity? 

We have completely changed the concept of the collection. At first we were going to present the couture collection as we usually do, but we realised that we wanted to address future brides and thus present a bridal collection that more closely responded to the current reality; but always using traditional techniques with a modern, feminine and avant-garde sensibility.

What do you think of the transformation of the Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week into a digital experience?  

It seems to me that among fashion shows that this is a very innovative and pioneering platform. It is also a way to potentially reach all brides and all shops across the world live, in the fastest way imaginable.

Do you think that this great digital platform that allows everyone to see their collections will benefit bridal fashion? 

With this platform we can find out what most brides in each country like. This can help buyers a lot with their selection and firms with their designs. Streaming is a way to reach the whole world.

What do you think of the fact that, as well as professionals, brides can now also witness the shows thanks to this new digital experience?  

It is a more direct way of reaching them and this is something positive since they are going to be the protagonists in upcoming weddings.

How do you see the future of the bridal sector? 

We believe that this sector will very much continue to exist. Concepts or ways of carrying out weddings my change, but there will always be excitement and magic in these celebrations.