Spring freshness

After a cold and heavy winter, spring has finally arrived and with it, we are filled with a sweet desire for lightness, colour and carefree.

Many weddings have been postponed due to the pandemic and can now be held in this warmer season.
So, let’s take a look at the bridal scene and all the perfect outfits to wear during the brightest and most colourful season of the year.

Among the various trends, sleeves remain one of the most important style elements.
To reveal a little bit of skin, but not too much, the ideal garment is the short-sleeved dress, which barely conceals the arm, designed with light materials such as tulle and lace or with mikado, a tight, crisp fabric that allows for a more structured shape.

Amelia Casablanca / Marylise & Rembo Styling / Bellantuono / Vestal

Elisabetta Polignano / Jesus Peiro / Poesie Sposa

There is also the “drop-shoulder sleeve”, which frames them, generating romantic and refined sensuality. The sleeves can also be completely detached, and are generally long and puffy, stopped by a ruffle at the bottom.

Bellantuono / Nicole Milano / Pronovias / The Atelier

Flora / Higar Novias / Léonie Bridal / Valentini Spose

For a young or informal wedding, the mini dress is perfect. Chic and versatile, suitable, with the right accessories, to be worn on other occasions.

Jesus Peiro / Lorena Panea / Poesie Sposa / Isabel Sanchis

As well as the trouser suit with pants, which is worn with overcoats, long raining coat or dinner suit jackets.

Marylise & Rembo Styling / Yolancris / Valentini Spose / Cymbeline

Splendid laces: chantilly, macramé, valenciennes, rebrodè and sangallo (the last one has a very summery connotation). Precious micro inserts in tattoo or “full lace” version for tops, sleeves and bodices.

Amelia Casablanca / Demetrios / Jesus Peiro / Marylise & Rembo Styling / Nicole Milano

And to satisfy the desire for colour inspired by the season of awakening, in addition to neutral ivory and cream tones, a collection of pastel shades such as powder, orchid pink, pistachio green and sky blue. The colours are reminiscent of the famous “macarons”, so it has to be said: there is something for everyone!

Nicole Milano / Olga Macià / Blumarine Sposa / Carlo Pignatelli Sposa

Yumi Katsura / Antonio Riva / House of St. Patrick / The Atelier

Article written by @elisanascimbene