The new women

The VBBFW brings a brave, self-confident, self-aware, bold and free woman to the runway.

Sophie et Voila Mireia Balaguer

Sophie et Voilà / Mireia Balaguer

This is the message that many designers wanted to convey in their collections, a tribute to women who believe in their own delicate and feminine nature, but fight with determination for their choices and are ready to face life with their heads held high.

Hence the inspiration of Sophie et Voilà who, through the allegory of the Basque pelota game, brings to the runway garments with essential but powerful, spectacular lines, or Mireia Balaguer, who makes the future shine brighter with shining sequins and rescues women from the suffering in their life.

Flora Lorena Panea

Flora / Lorena Panea

Flora and Lorena Panea celebrate their uniqueness even in their plurality, giving life to collections designed for a woman with a thousand facets, with couture cuts adapted to the new demands of modernity and pragmatism without forgetting the romantic, sensual side. Designer Lorena Panea took inspiration from the land of Egypt for the title of her collection: Kemet, and create pieces that reflect the personality of the woman wearing them.

Isabel Zapardiez Olga Macia Sedomir Rodríguez de la Sierra

Isabel Zapardiez / Olga Maciá / Sedomir Rodríguez de la Sierra

The concept of woman designed by Isabel Zapardiez, Olga Maciá, and Sedomir Rodriguez is bold and strong, almost heroic. It is a woman who gets right back up after falling down, ready to fulfil her destiny with determination, choosing to be free from impositions, social conventions and preconceptions.
The result is a series of garments made with a wide range of materials, from the most technical to the most natural ones, with innovative workmanship, unusual embroidery processes and movement created by contrasting textures. Isabel Zapardiez was inspired by the sounds, outfits and silhouettes from the modern horsewomen riding world.



Yolancris pays homage on the runway to the greatest past and present icons: Luisa Casati, Elsa Schiaparelli, Grace Jones and Madonna who, even through fashion, have shown their strength in the search for a personal and independent style.
And while we see the ‘No fear’ collection on the runway, a slideshow with pictures of Billy Elliot, Charlie Chaplin, David Bowie, Queen, La Dolce Vita, the summer of 1969 plays on the background, accompanied by the voice of Nina Simone.

Images that express the values of this 2020 collection, individuality as diversity, freedom and the courage of a challenge, with models wrapped in profuse quantities of lace or sheathed in ultra-transparent dresses for women who dare.


By Elisa Nascimbene for Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week